My Instagram Feast

Clockwise from top left: the ever amazing cress (sewn by my even more amazing 3 yo on cotton wool, can’t beat it), a griddled courgette, aubergine, mozarella and tomato salad; good old strawberries and ice cream; pesto and spinach potato salad with carrot, tomatoes and fruit salad for al fresco eating on the grass outside our flat, more potato salad with yummy smoked salmon; home made ice pops – a daily habit at the mo; feta, cucumber, spinach and mint salad with the new Genius tomato and basil pittas – approved, very scrummy cheese and potato pie from Clives at the Allergy and Free From show; and my lazy dinner du jour of pasta, pesto and sugar snap peas – I know I’m a real gourmet!

My Instagram Feast

I’ve been between phones this week and am not a happy bunny about the fact I’m still using my old phone over 2 weeks after purchasing my new one but that is something I need to tackle with the dreaded O2 and not bore my lovely readers with, anyways it means I’m a little short on choice of pictures to use but hey ho, it’s still a lil peek into what has fallen into my belly over the last week.

From top left: chicken and chorizo tray bake, my favourite icecream flavour in frozen yoghurt – trying to convince myself I was beeing healthy even though I ate the tub in less than 5 days, amazeball gluten free chinese feast courtesy of my dad on Friday night, beautiful gf afternoon tea from the lovely Tiffen in West Bridgford, a frickin awesome gf double chocolate eclair made again by my most talented father (I’ve only eaten one so far dad, although not sure how long the other one is going to last in the fridge) and these very moreish crisps from Tescos, a rather healthy week no?!

My Instagram Feast

I said it would be a regular, so true to my word here is my recent Instagram feast:

From top left: Veggie Thali from Exmouth Market, Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble featured on LiveGlutenFree, veggies ready for Sunday roast, Chickpea Curry featured earlier in the week, 'oops I ate my dinner before taking a picture' - aka too greedy for own good, gluten free pizza made with Isabel's pizza dough mix, curry no 2 with aubergines and lentils and Isabel's pizza dough made into a garlic flat bread, breakfast of Bakery on Main St gluten free muesli mixed with yoghurt and fruit, and a recent supermarket indulgence of Warburtons Blueberry muffins, mmmm...

Recipe for the Gluten Free Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble can be found here.

Chickpea curry here.

If you’d like to see my last Instagram Feast you can click here.

Thanks for reading 🙂

My Instagram Feast

So I’m still quite addicted to this Instagram lark, I check my feed daily to nosey at other people’s pictures, it’s like little windows into other worlds and I love it.  In an attempt to showcase some of my food and feeds over the past month or so I’d like to introduce you to ‘My Instagram Feast’ which will hopefully be a regular (ish) feature on this blog (if i can manage to take a picture before guzzling down my food – it’s a serious problem you know?! all too often I find myself out and about devouring the most exquisite gluten-free treats only to realise at the last mouthful I’d forgotten to take a picture – doh).  So anyways I was talking about my feast  yeah? Well you’re all invited to join the feast and if you want to keep up to date with my Instagram food fetish then follow me at @whatislaate.

From top left, picnic in the woods, Natural History Museum's mammoth salad selection, Sunday tray bake, Lindt Carrot (oh my), Aubergine Bake, new season British asparagus with tarragon beurre blanc, rather hazy gluten-free fish and chips (I was too excited at the prospect of batter to take a good shot!), victoria sponge (gf) and my dad's gluten-free Chinese spread (oh yeah)...

So whats your Instagram name?

Back to Fat Club….oh and some pretty (ish) pictures of food…

After nearly a year of blogging here at ‘What Isla Ate’ my once loose-fitting jeans have become quite uncomfortable and after trying (and giving up very rapidly) running, it’s not for me, I’ve decided to join Fat Club again.  I did it a couple of years ago when my daughter was about 1 and I lost a whopping 4 stone so I know it works if I stick to it.  However it does seem to make recipe conjuring a little more difficult.  But fear not dear readers, I shall endeavour to still post some yummy food and in the meantime I’m sure I have a couple of dishes knocked up in the last few weeks I haven’t posted yet. And with my birthday coming up there will have to be some little lapses in the diet regime in which I will gorge on delicious, naughty things and will have to report back.

Right this is rather boring isn’t it.  Anyway I have been using Instagram a lot lately, I love the vintage Polaroid style, it makes everything a little more romantic and wistfu.  So for a little something pretty to look at here is my food week (last couple of weeks) in instagram (btw I got this lovely idea, well stole it, from the lovely Rosalilium she puts up beautiful pictures of her week and I’m pretty addicted to having a nose so I hope she won’t mind me stealing the idea and making it a little more food focused):

This was a couple of weeks ago now but Tamatanga is in Nottingham, it's a great concept, sort of 'fast food' indian style in a Wagamama set up, we ordered the Thali with a choice of curries as well as the statutory veggie ones, rice, poppadom (and naan if you want) with a drink for a meal deal, well worth a visit...

Holiday activity, my little lady creaming the butter and sugar for a gluten free victoria sponge...

...the sponge layers out of the oven...

...viccy sponge, recipe courtesy of the Doves Farm flour packet (baking is a science you know!)...

Picnic in the sunshine the other day, the lovely victoria sponge, a quinoa, mackerel and mango salad and some fresh ripe raspberries and mango, mmm

Gorgeous fried onions for a feast of hot dogs in a gluten free baguette.

And finally doughnut peaches fresh from the market poaching in a honey vanilla syrup, an attempt at a healthy dessert, more to come!!

Right so bye bye for now, if perchance you’ve been a member of fat club before (you know the one I’m talking about, it involves points) then please suggest some recipes to keep me going and in the meantime I’ll get my healthy brain switched on and get thinking… x