Running late…

I’m a little late this morning, aren’t I? Sorry about that, I was woken up at 4.00 by Mr Potato Head telling me the power had gone off in the house (thanks for that darling, in retrospect I could have happily slept through the whole incident without ever knowing) and as he won’t touch electrics (he has other uses) I stumbled down the stairs bleary eyed to check the fuse box. After struggling for five minutes to put the torch on I quickly assessed the electrical situation (yeah, get me) and surmised that it was not a tripped switch and that there was a power cut. ‘Good night’ I said, ‘there is nothing we can do, don’t open the fridge/freezer’. And with that, I returned to bed.

Ha ha, if only it was that easy, I couldn’t get back to sleep so decided to Google ‘what to do in a power cut?’, ‘power cuts today in Birmingham’, ‘how to check a fuse box’ (just confirming my initial assessment mind), texted my neighbour to check it wasn’t just us, texted my dad to check if there was something I should be doing and then checked Facebook because I was wide a flipping wake now so I might as well find out what Dr Zeus character I was while I was just sitting there (I’m the Cat with the Hat, if you were wondering). A productive morning already don’t you think?

So yeah, I’m a bit tired today and I didn’t have a post scheduled because I was having too much fun enjoying the sunshine this weekend, yes overseas readers (I know you are out there, say hello!) sunshine has hit the UK, and surprise, surprise we are going on about it. I’m sorry, I can’t help it, we have very few weather related pleasures here, let us brag just a little. Anyways, lets just say, a paddling pool, tent, croquet (uh huh), football, sun cream, a picnic and ice creams were enjoyed and blogging, well, that got put on the back burner temporarily.

Of course it would be ace if I’d take pictures of it all, but this is about it….soz…

22nd June x

Promise to add some better content soon, maybe when it starts raining?
What did you do this weekend?

‘Sun is shining, the weather is sweet…’

The sun has come out and it’s just got me wishing and dreaming of an outdoor life full of bright colours, comfy outdoor seating, BBQs and ice lollies.

Here are a few outdoor essentials I’m currently coveting:


Oh how I want to lounge, swing and snooze my hours away in one of these.  This rainbow coloured beauty is from, and I’m so in love with it.

rattan furniture set

Now at the moment in our garden we have a rather modest but functional picnic bench tucked away in a shady corner but as the sun shines and I day-dream some more I think I’d love a big old comfortable rattan set of furniture like this one from  Clearly I’d need to win the lottery but a girl can dream can’t she?


Twinkle, twinkle little multicoloured lights, I’m a fan of these chains of fairy lights for everywhere, I hate having to take down the Christmas lights and this year most of the lights I left around the house got to stay for all year round sparkles.  These bright and colourful globes are from Ikea here.  They have some great outdoor lighting options including stars and bird shapes (I know!) and the best thing about them is they are not only glamour for your garden but are solar powered so totally eco friendly and boring battery free!


Now in dream land I am totally desiring one of these amazing wood fired ovens by The Stone Bake Oven Company, fancy that, a gluten free pizza in the oven, wood fired roast chicken on a Sunday, uhhhh my mouth is watering just thinking about it.  But in reality a BBQ would do and something like this one below would be just dandy….


This simple BBQ is all I really need and at the moment it’s reduced to £49.99 from £99.00 at Argos here.  But as I was looking for BBQ  I happened to stumble upon this genius idea…

.dsiposable eco bbq

This is the eco answer to the disposable BBQ, I have to admit to buying lots of these as we haven’t committed to a BBQ of our own yet but this would be fantastic to take camping or have at a party.  You can cook your burgers on it and/or use it as a camp fire.  It’s called the  Ecogrill from available here at a bargain of £10.

So that’s it my wish list so far this week, what have you been dreaming of as the sun has come out?