Changes Afoot…

If there is anyone out there, I just thought I should let you know I’m making a few changes.  I haven’t written a blog post here for quite some time because it just wasn’t working for me, partly because my life changed and things got a bit hectic but partly because I felt a bit limited.  So, a change is as good as rest, so they say, and that is what I’m up to.  I’m hoping to expand my repertoire, give you a little window into more that makes me and just have a place to put stuff, you know STUFF, other things apart from food, well, as well as food (I wouldn’t desert you like that dear food).  So to start we have change of name.  Ice Cream Castles, a lyric from one of my favourite Joni Mitchell songs.  Google it. 

See you soon jelly spoons…


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