Gluten Free on the Go

So I thought I’d have a go at another regular slot and feature some of the gluten free snackage and food products I’ve begun to notice popping up in cafes and highstreets recently.

So we’re going to start with that good old British stalwart, Marks and Spencers.  Now  M&S have been stocking some pretty awesome gluten free goodies for sometime in their food stores, their almond bakewell tray bake is something quite special and they do bread and other offerings too, not totally convinced on the bread personally but its good to know they are trying, right?  Anyway, did you know they had started selling gluten free sandwiches? Yeah? Yes, I know, I’m a bit slow on the uptake here but a couple of months ago I heard about them here and then about a month ago, desperate for a quick reprieve from the wails of ‘I’m hungry’ from my 3 year old, I collapsed into M&S Cafe Revive in Croydon to sate her poor rumbling belly.  And it was just as I was contemplating eating a whole casserole ready meal type affair from the cafe fridge that I saw them, gluten free cheese and pickle ploughmans sandwiches.

Sorry for the crappy picture here, it's a tad dim in the Cafe Revive Croydon!

The sandwich was pretty good, I did leave the crusts (not because I don’t want my hair to go curly!) because they were a tad dry and crumbly.  However the main body of the sandwich was soft and packed with filling, unlike alot of packed sandwiches I’ve had in the past.  So all in all I’d probably buy one again, but I would like to see them in all or at least more of their cafes and food stores, when I went to my parents over the Easter break they weren’t stocking them and so far Croydon is the only M&S I have spotted them in.  Have you seen these sandwiches in your local M&S?  Do you know of any better gluten free sandwich choices on the highstreet?  Let me know… 🙂


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