Grandma’s Rock Cakes

Apple and Sultana Rock Cakes

I’ve been meaning to make Rock Cakes since I was given this little booklet made by Cousins and Grandma years ago, they had got her to type up her favourite recipes and then got the book bound for themselves and me.   She was a brilliant cake baker and cook and I’ll always remember tea time when out would come her teapot cuddled by it’s hand knitted teacosy.  Then, more importantly, with it would come the tin or tins of cakes.  There was always a selection of cakes and biscuits but the ones I always went for were the rock cakes, I guess it was predominantly greed that made my little eyes pop and ask for those as they were often the biggest cakes in the tin and I loved their crumbly, rocky fruit filled nature.

Grandma's recipe booklet

This recipe has been adapted from the one in the book.  I’ve made it gluten free and added some apple to it, mainly because it’s fruit and in my warped mind I thought it might make them a bit healthier but it also adds extra moist fruity bites.  When I make these again I might even chuck in a bit of cinnamon too but they are just lovely as they are.  The gluten free flour makes them finer and perhaps more crumbly in texture than Grandma’s but they are just as delicious and most importantly remind me of her.  I’d like to think she’d really be pleased that it’s a recipe that has lived on and one that I have been able to share with my daughter as she shared with me in her kitchen all those years ago.

Introduction by Grandma

So here we go:

Apple and Sultana Rock Cakes (Gluten Free)

Ingredients and Method:

As seen in picture below, for gluten free replace flour with gluten free self raising I used Dove’s) and add a chopped up apple in with sultanas instead of the stated dried fruits.

Original rock cake recipe

And here they are…(5 fat club points – I’m a sad bastard I know)

Apple and Sultana Rock Cakes


One thought on “Grandma’s Rock Cakes

  1. Grandma would be thrilled that we now make the same cakes with our daughters! Isobel and Lucy’s favourite is the victoria sponge with the addition of 18g cocoa powder! So pleased we did the book, I remember Grandma being a bit reluctant thinking I was asking her to type the recipes or write them all out herself but when I explained I would do that with a little persuasion and the fact it would solve all her Christmas present dilemas that year she sorted through her cookbooks! So glad she did because like you Isla my memories of Grandma’s always involve tea in the afternoon and the famous cake tins (of which I have a couple of the originals still in use, I also am the proud keeper of her kenwood mixer!) Grandma drew the line of me taking her photo for the front cover hence the clip art. Enjoy your rock cakes. Love Heather x


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