Honey Mango Frozen Yoghurt

Right so I mentioned I’m on a diet yeah? Yeah, I know, stop whining.  Anyways I’m getting into the swing of things and this little fat free dessert fits in nicely.  I had been meaning to make this since I bought a box of those gorgeous honey mangoes from the market a while back.  I couldn’t manage all of them in one go, they are delicious but they are rich and normally really ripe, so I had to freeze the leftovers.

The beautiful honey mangoes fresh from Surrey Street market, they even put tinselly bits in the box they are that good.

This dessert utilises these frozen beauties and makes a great healthy alternative to ice cream.  Also you don’t need an ice cream machine.  Now I know James Martin has been banging on about his machine-less banana ice cream every time someone comes on Saturday Kitchen and says they don’t like bananas and yeah it’s kinda the same idea but with yoghurt and mangoes, however this does work supremely well with the lovely ‘nana as well.  If fact I might get trying with some other fruits, I’ll let you know if they are a success.

Now this is super easy and if you happen to be a member of ‘Fat Club’ then is a great low points dessert when you are craving ice cream, I won’t bore you  with the calculations, you can work it out.  So this is how it rolls…

Serves 2 (reasonable sized portions in ramekins or 1 whopper of a ‘I need ice cream now but I’m on a diet’ kinda size)


  • Approx 2 honey mangoes, in pieces, frozen (Tip: if you are freezing this try and freeze it on a tray separately first so you don’t do what I did and have to hack at your frozen mango lump with a meat cleaver)
  • 2 large tablespoons of fat free yoghurt ( I use Total)
  • 1 teaspoon of honey, or Agave syrup
  • Half a capful of vanilla extract


Chuck your frozen mango pieces and all other ingredients in a processor or blender ( I used a mini processor, you have to shake it about, stir and pulse to get it going but persevere the results are worth it). And that’s it! Plop into a bowl or get stuck in straight from the processor bowl (take the blades out and turn the power off first!).  Enjoy…

Smooth, silky and delicious, go on, try it...


2 thoughts on “Honey Mango Frozen Yoghurt

  1. This is my first time checking out your blog, and I’m really into it (just subscribed)! I like your whimsical take on food.

    I also know the perils of being a food blogger! Since I began in January, I’ve gained a good amount of weight. It’s a job hazard, I suppose.


    • Hi, Thanks for subscribing and commenting, yay! I guess we’ve got to expect a little weight gain when writing about food all the time, wish I was one of those people with a fast metabolism, ah well, i figure a couple of months of dieting then back onto the good stuff again! Thanks for stopping by x


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