Back to Fat Club….oh and some pretty (ish) pictures of food…

After nearly a year of blogging here at ‘What Isla Ate’ my once loose-fitting jeans have become quite uncomfortable and after trying (and giving up very rapidly) running, it’s not for me, I’ve decided to join Fat Club again.  I did it a couple of years ago when my daughter was about 1 and I lost a whopping 4 stone so I know it works if I stick to it.  However it does seem to make recipe conjuring a little more difficult.  But fear not dear readers, I shall endeavour to still post some yummy food and in the meantime I’m sure I have a couple of dishes knocked up in the last few weeks I haven’t posted yet. And with my birthday coming up there will have to be some little lapses in the diet regime in which I will gorge on delicious, naughty things and will have to report back.

Right this is rather boring isn’t it.  Anyway I have been using Instagram a lot lately, I love the vintage Polaroid style, it makes everything a little more romantic and wistfu.  So for a little something pretty to look at here is my food week (last couple of weeks) in instagram (btw I got this lovely idea, well stole it, from the lovely Rosalilium she puts up beautiful pictures of her week and I’m pretty addicted to having a nose so I hope she won’t mind me stealing the idea and making it a little more food focused):

This was a couple of weeks ago now but Tamatanga is in Nottingham, it's a great concept, sort of 'fast food' indian style in a Wagamama set up, we ordered the Thali with a choice of curries as well as the statutory veggie ones, rice, poppadom (and naan if you want) with a drink for a meal deal, well worth a visit...

Holiday activity, my little lady creaming the butter and sugar for a gluten free victoria sponge...

...the sponge layers out of the oven...

...viccy sponge, recipe courtesy of the Doves Farm flour packet (baking is a science you know!)...

Picnic in the sunshine the other day, the lovely victoria sponge, a quinoa, mackerel and mango salad and some fresh ripe raspberries and mango, mmm

Gorgeous fried onions for a feast of hot dogs in a gluten free baguette.

And finally doughnut peaches fresh from the market poaching in a honey vanilla syrup, an attempt at a healthy dessert, more to come!!

Right so bye bye for now, if perchance you’ve been a member of fat club before (you know the one I’m talking about, it involves points) then please suggest some recipes to keep me going and in the meantime I’ll get my healthy brain switched on and get thinking… x


3 thoughts on “Back to Fat Club….oh and some pretty (ish) pictures of food…

  1. This is my first visit to your blog (I like it very much by the way!) and I note that you are using Doughnut Peaches, which I also encountered today for the very first time. Coincidence? I think not!


    • Hi, thanks for stopping by, doughnut peaches are good aren’t they? I’m sourcing out lots of new fruits now to enliven the dreaded diet! Just read your last post, sounds like you had a good holiday hope the post holiday slump picks up x


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