Get Loaded and the French Martini Revolution

 I won tickets to Get Loaded in the Park at Clapham Common last week so on Sunday dressed to kill in waterproofs and boots me and my mate trudged along in the rain to this ace one dayer. 

Rocking our floral macs!

It rained and it rained and it rained. But we were strong (and a little tipsy) and we carried on! We saw the amazing Patrick Wolf, dressed as what can only be described as a postmodern(?!) leprechaun, was a fantastic showman, jumping on and off the stage and running from instrument to instrument as the wind and the rain swept in from the Common.  We caught the end of Los Campesinos and when sheltering from the rain stumbled upon the quite fantastic and awe inspiring Sound of Rum.  From the minute Kate Tempest took the stage we were transfixed by her winding, penetrating and persistent rap come poetry.  I didn’t want to like her but I could do nothing but love her. 

Patrick Wolf

We saw some other great bands including Razorlight, Spector, O Children, British Sea Power and a tiny bit of the Noisettes but the overriding best act there was Sound of Rum.


Anyways this is meant to be a food blog isn’t it? Whoops!  Well I’ll start with a slide into Monday with the most amazing cocktail I’ve ever had.  After tramping around the sludgy common all afternoon and evening I decided we needed a treat and we traipsed along to the very swanky Grafton House for cocktails.  This is where I met my now best buddie of a cocktail, the French Martini (sighs), it’s just delicious, smooth, fruity, bliss.  All I can think about is where and when I can get a bottle of Chambourd and try this amazing little number at home.  It’s a mix of said raspberry liqueur, vodka, pineapple juice and gomme, which I’m pretty sure is a simple sugar syrup.  It is shaken so that when poured a smooth, creamy froth nestles on the top of it’s muted, raspberry pink, liquid base.  Just try it you too will fall in love.

French Martini (on the left)


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