Dear Sunshine….

….please come out again! It’s halfway through June already and I have only been able to wear my long floaty maxi dress once, and as for ice lollies I’ve barely had one.

This is a post that is leading up to a wonderful recipe for Kulfi lollies I hope to post later.  However it got me thinking about lolly moulds.  Look at these lovely ones I found:

Umbrella Lolly Moulds from John Lewis - perhaps the most appropriate for the typical British weather we are experiencing at the moment!

Twistix Lolly Moulds

Twistix Lolly Moulds from Lakeland - these remind me of those lipstick style candy sweets I use to buy as a child, what were they called?

Ice Lolly Moulds

Ice Lolly Moulds from Lakeland - just like Calypso's remember them?

Tovolo 80-8001B Blue Rocket Pop Moulds

Rocket Lolly Moulds by Tovolo, sold at Amazon - ooh rocket lollies, I used to love these, now I can make my own!

What are your favourite lollies?


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