Cherry Cola Ham, Sticky Balsamic Onions and Coleslaw

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Quick post of some food I made over the Easter weekend, I’ve got loads of preparation to do for my next two weeks of lessons at work and also have another deadline that needs some serious brain power so I’ll try to keep this short. 

Anyway, I had heard of this Cherry Cola Ham before, I think I may have seen Nigella Lawson do it some time and then I heard AThriftyMrs tweeting about how amazing hers was so I wanted to have a go.  I did a bit of research, well I surfed the net, and then came up with my own adaption and this is how it goes:


A small half a gammon joint (clearly you can go bigger, I don’t have too many mouths to feed)

A big bottle of Cherry Cola

Half an onion

2 Tablespoons of cherry jam

A heaped teaspoon or two of smoked paprika

2 capfuls of red wine vinegar


Soak your ham/gammon for a an hour or two then drain and then fill pot with water and bring to the boil. Then drain again. This helps get rid of excess salt.  Then put ham back in pot, add half an onion and a big bottle of cherry coke, you might need more if you use a bigger joint, but I’m sure you could top up with water.  For my little ham, I just simmered the joint for about an hour and a quarter then left to sit for a further 15 min.  Whilst the ham was sitting I pre heated my oven to 220 degrees, lined a tray with foil (trust me you’ll thank me when you do the washing up) and mixed together the jam, vinegar and paprika. 

I then took the ham out of the pan, put it on the tray and removed the rind.  I scored the fat in a criss cross, diagonal diamond pattern then smothered on the glaze.  Then cook in the oven for about 15 min.  Take out and leave to cool and serve with salads, new potatoes (we had Jersey Royals, the onions pictured, the coleslaw and some salad leaves and tomatoes.  Delish!

Right that’s all for now, I might post the onion recipe later but I have got to do some work!

Enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday, roll on the next one!!


2 thoughts on “Cherry Cola Ham, Sticky Balsamic Onions and Coleslaw

  1. My Dad has made cola ham and it is incredible! The meat is so sweet and tender and delcious. I guess the acids in the cola soften the meat somehow. So good. I like your adaptation, must try it sometime.x.


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