Breaded Fish and Tartare Sauce

Happy Good Friday readers!

So like a good girl I’m obeying the fish on Friday rule, despite the fact I had ham for breakfast and left over meatballs for lunch, I prepared a good old fish supper for dinner tonight. 

The version I did was totally gluten free and my other diners who are not coeliacs were non the wiser.  However this can be done just as easily using normal breadcrumbs, I don’t like to discriminate see! 

I had great plans to serve the fish with home made potato wedges and some posh mushy peas but after a long sunny day of parks and shops (I got a little carried away on the summer wardrobe expedition, shhh don’t tell anyone) I decided to keep it simple and serve it up with some oven chips and traditional marrow fat peas (see almost a proper chip shop dinner!).


Cod fillet portions, skinned

Breadcrumbs ( I have started keeping a stash in the freezer ready for things like this, any time your bread is beginning to get a bit stale just whizz them up in a blender and bag em up and pop in the freeezer, you  can pretty much use them from frozen and that way they are always there)

An egg

A couple of tablespoons of plain flour (gf for me)

Salt and pepper

For the tartare sauce (makes a little pot ful):

2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, shop bought or home made you decide

5 mini gherkins/cornichons

A teaspoon of capers

A handful of parsley


For the fish:

Lay out three dishes or plates.  One for the flour (add some salt and pepper), one for the egg lightly whisked and one for the breadcrumbs.  Portion your fish then flour, egg and breadcrumb and set aside until your ready.  I did mine this afternoon and popped in the fridge until dinner time just to save extra hassle.

When you fish is coated, shallow fry in a hot pan with about half a cm of oil in.  It really depends on how big your fish is, mine took about 3 min each side and I finished it off in a hot oven whilst the chips were cooking for a couple of min.

For the tartare sauce:

Finely chop the parsley.  Chop the the capers and gherkins fairly small and then add them and the herbs to the mayo and stir.  Easy peasy and much better than that hideous stuff you get in sachets or bottles.  You can add a bit of chopped egg if you wish as well.

Happy Easter!


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