Sea Bream and Samphire with a Garlic and Parsley Butter

I had a little trip to Borough Market today and on my travels I picked up a couple of ingredients I had heard of but hadn’t tried before, at least haven’t cooked before anyway.  Samphire is something I’m always on the look out for as I love the sound of it and when I saw it today in one of the fruit and veg stands I grabbed a couple of handfuls for this dinner.  Now I knew I really needed a bit of fish and after browsing round the fishmongers I saw a nice Sea Bream, not a fish I’ve cooked or eaten before so I thought, why not. 

This dish was really simple to make and sooo tasty.

For 1


A sea bream fillet

A handful of samphire

A clove of garlic

A small handful of parsley

A little oil

About half a tablespoon of butter or there abouts

Lemon wedge to serve


Finely chop your parsley and garlic, set to one side.  Rub the fish fillet with olive oil, set to the side.  Boil the kettle.  Heat frying pan.  Rinse samphire and pop into pot.  Pour over boiling water and leave to sit as you cook the fish, I wanted to keep this fairly crunchy if you want it softer, boil it for a min or so.  Put the fish skin side down into the hot pan, hold the fish down for a min to ensure the whole side stays flat and goes crispy.  Cook for a couple of minutes depending on size of fish then flip when skin side is golden and crispy.  Drain your samphire and plate.  Place fish along side and keep warm in the oven.  Throw chopped garlic into hot pan from fish, add butter, let foam and fry for a few seconds then add parsley, stir and then pout over fish and samphire. 

No need for seasoning with this as the samphire is so salty.  Serve with a couple of lemon wedges if you like.  Enjoy…


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