An Award? Me? Surely not?

I am very pleased and grateful to have received the Kreativ Blogger award from a dear friend and superb blogger  Thanks so much Lisa.  So now I believe the tradition is to pass on the award to 10 bloggers I admire and like and then convey ten truths about moi!

I haven’t been blogging for that long, so I’m still quite a newbie and unfamiliar with a lot of the morays of blogging but included in this list are some new finds and some old faithfuls which inspire and entertain me.  So here it goes. My nominees are:

1. – I had to send it back not just because I received the award from her but because the lovely Lisa got me into blogging and it’s the one blog I can’t wait to read each day/week and full of great ideas on crafting, living and loving up t’north and generally putting a smile on your face.  If you haven’t read this blog, GO THERE NOW!

2.  Scarlett Sometimes – – I love peeking in at the life of Scarlett and admiring her pictures and style. 

3. – Currently on maternity leave but a really funny and acerbic take on recipes and cooking, a well established blogger, very entertaining and well worth a look.

4. – a vegan blogger, love perusing the pictures and pondering a healthier, better life then going back to reality and eating a pork chop! (sorry hope that’s not inappropriate) but I subscribe and really enjoy browsing her inventive and delicious looking fayre.

5. – I love a ‘ Thrifty Mrs’, a real inspiration on the blog front, and really enjoy all the thrifty tips and keeping up to date with her tweets.

6. – lots to read and keep me entertained here, love the variety of fashion, photography, vintage, and cooking.  Great style and stories.

7. – a fairly new one to me, not so much a blog but I AM going to go to one of these nights soon and think it’s great to see some gluten free dining action going on!

8. – I love Ellie’s style, photos and tales. 

9. – this is a beautiful, beautiful blog with loads and loads of fantastic gluten free ideas and recipes.

10. – another stunna, really gorgeous pictures and tales of a sunny sounding life.

Ok so now I have to divulge the 10 facts about me, hmm….

1.  I am very messy and untidy!

2.  I think about food 24 hours a day.

3.  I have a beautiful and very, very lovely little girl called Megan (3 in June).

4.  I can be very shy, writing really helps.

5.  I was born in Scotland.

6.  I love indie music, I listen to same tracks on the Oasis’s ‘Masterplan’ album every time I drive to work and now my daughter can sing along almost perfectly to tracks 3 and 10.

7.  I’m very curious and nosey at times, think that’s why I love reading blogs.

8.  I have more than several grey hairs now (boo hoo)

9.  I’m an ESOL teacher, and even though I can moan and moan about work, I love teaching and admire my students so much.

10.  I’m really struggling with this and I really hope you don’t find it boring.  I’ll bake a cake later and get back to what I do best (eating, yeah?)

Ok so I think that is it.  I’m not sure how I notify every one of this, some of the bloggers listed above are probably way too cool to notice lil old me but I love them all so and hope they don’t mind my links and ramblings.

Thanks again Lisa for nominating me.  Blogging has become my bestest hobby and I love reading others blogs too.  I couldn’t have done it without you.



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