Green ‘Guilt Be Gone’ Smoothie

This is the product of a guilty conscience, you know that apple cake (see previous post) well it’s gone and I only gave away 3 slices. So that factored in with my now daily Wispa habit has crescendoed into a little healthy compensation and guess what, not only does it pack in 2 lovely fresh fruits, it also has a vegetable in it, some juice and to top it all off IT’S GREEN! It’s like a freshly mowed lawn in a glass but it’s not, it’s better than that it’s fresh, zingy and thirst quenching and not a banana in sight (though I do love you banana). In fact this is surely the antidote to all excesses and surely a superfood symposium. Ok, ok I’m getting a little carried away with myself and I’m sure someone has invented this before but I’ve got to let some of this melodrama detract from my piggy like scoffing so here you have it…


A kiwi chopped roughly
A handful of grapes
Two handfuls of spinach
A slosh of apple juice


Da da!



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