Yuk Sung

I’ve been thinking and googling this alot recently so after finally buying two of the key ingredients (minced pork and iceburg lettuce) yesterday I thought it would make a nice light meal for dinner tonight.  This is brilliant if you love texture and crunch because it is full of it and it’s pretty damn tasty too.  I really just guestimated through this so I’ll give you a list of the ingredients I used but if you search for Yuk Sung you’ll see there seems to be many variations.


Iceburg lettuce

Minced pork

Celery stick or two, chopped into little cubes

Spring onion or two, chopped up small

garlic and ginger, chopped finely

splurt of oyster sauce

splash or two of soy sauce

a splosh of shaosing wine

a pinch of sugar

fine rice noodles



First the fun bit.  Heat a pan, add about a cm of oil, heat til hot hot.  Add dried rice noodles and watch as they poof up all frazzled and then drain. 

Fry pork until browned.  Add garlic and ginger, celery and spring onion and fry for a bit.  Add your sauces, sugar etc.  Keep cooking until most has evapourated and you have a stickyish mixture that is wet but not too saucy.  Wash and drain your lettuce leaves.  Serve a spoonful of the pork mixture in a lettuce leaf topped with crunchy noodles, wrap, and if you fancy dip into a little Hoisin Sauce.  Crunch, mmm mmm.


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