Sweet Potato Pancakes

In preparation for pancake day I decided to have a go at the recipe Hugh Fearley-Whittingstall wrote in the Guardian on Saturday.  You can find the recipe and article here:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2011/mar/05/pancakes-yorkshire-pudding-dosa-recipes

I had to alter it to make it gluten free and sadly they had no orange sweet potatoes (which i think is what this recipe really calls for) in the greengrocers so I bought one of those purple ones with the white flesh and tried it with this. The result was a very dense pancake, lovely, but don’t try to to eat more than two, if you make it my way, as I feel like my stomach is stuffed!  So I changed the plain flour to Doves Gluten Free Plain Flour and had to add some extra milk because my potato was very dry ( i think the orange ones have a higher water content).  I served mine sweet with agave syrup, squeezed clementine juice and some sliced banana but I think the idea of bacon that Hugh suggest sounds lush. 

I hope to post again about more things pancake later in the week but if I don’t see you before, Happy Pancake Day!!!


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