Fish and Grill, Croydon – Review

I don’t really know what to say about this place because they produce good food. It’s simple, well presented and tasty it’s just not different.  If you’re looking for a ‘nice’ place to take someone in Croydon for some well cooked grub then go here.  We had a good meal here Saturday lunchtime.  We ordered from the set menu and ate Moules Mariniere, Plaice Goujons and Chips, Coley and Crayfish Butter and desserts including Chocolate Tart and a Creme Brulee.  The service, was very pleasant but seemed a little slow for a fairly quiet early lunchtime, there were only four other tables filled in the restaurant and what looked like 5/6 chefs in the kitchen but who knows maybe they were having a bad day. 

The moules were big and juicy chaps piled high in a lake of creamy liquer, in fact there seemed more cream than anything else which didn’t really seem entirely necessary.  I ate the Coley for main and it was perfectly cooked with a few sweet crayfish tails strewn across the top and some citrus and butter jus surrounding.  It was good, nothing different but good. My companion had the plaice goujons that were happily shared with our two year old Egon Ronay who dunked away the crispy fingers of fish and very morerish chips in to her little jar of sauce rouge.  We ended with the crispy topped, cuddle in a bowl that was creme brulee, I forgot how much I love this, and done well, like  this was finished the meal off superbly.  Chocolate tart had crisp light pastry and a deep, dark intense baked chocolate filling.  Little M, sorry Egon Ronay jr, devoured the ball of chocolate ice cream and cute sail boat tuille in a matter of seconds. 

So actually after all that it looks like I do know what to say don’t I?! It’s good, try it.

Fish and Grill, South End, Croydon


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