Maya Gold Addict’s Easy Healing Pudding

Did I mention I scalded myself earlier cooking rice? Well I was in some pain, so in order to relieve the wound I decided to invoke the healing powers of Green and Black’s Maya Gold.  This is probably the easiest recipe on here, in fact I’m not so sure you can call it a recipe.  Anyways, I had half a tub of cream left from the rhubarb fool I made yesterday and in an attempt to waste less I thought it only right I use it up in this luscious little pud. 

Simply…. heat cream in a pan, add chocolate, stir until melted together and pour into little pots ( I used shot glasses) and chill. Then, most importantly, scrape every last drop of the left overs out of the pan and into your mouth.  Use your fingers, your tongue, a spoon, whatever utensils you think can help and breath deeply letting the chocolate do it’s work. 



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