Curry Goat

I have been meaning to make a deep, dark lamb curry for ages but I couldn’t decide on how to approach it or what recipe to choose and then I remembered this recipe from a great little community publication Urban Feast.  The book was created by a bunch of local Croydonites and students from a local school.  I think it was orignally a free book given out from the library and an old colleague of mine passed on several copies of it to use with my students as reading actvities.  I have used it several times and it has a great dvd accompaniment that shows each dish being made and sourced round Croydon. 

Anyway I marinaded the meat last night and left it in the fridge until mid morning today then cooked it off.  The recipe can be found here in an electronic copy of the book.  Please have a look as it is a really interesting read full of wonderful recipes ranging from traditional Pie and Mash to the delicious Curry Goat.

This worked out really well, it’s an intensely spiced, dark and flavourful curry.  I chickened out and omitted the Scotch Bonnet Chilli, and it still tasted amazing.  I might even temper the left overs with a little coconut milk and serve it up to my two year old later for dinner.  Do try this and don’t forget to check out the book….


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