Apricot Madeira Cake

This is a lovely, moist teatime (oh ok anytime) cake.  The recipe comes from Allegra McEvedy’s ‘Leon’ cook book. 

What’s great about this is:

1.  It’s pretty good for you as cakes go, no butter, fructose instead of sugar (you can use less) and it’s got 1 of your five a day in it.

2.  It’s gluten free!

3.  It’s super moist, no dry sponges on this blog.

So go on try it…


250g Ground almonds

150g Fructose

220g Dried apricots

150ml of Madeira

6 Eggs

1 teaspoon of baking powder (gf in my case)


Put the apricots and madeira in a small pan and simmer until the Madeira has evapourated and soaked up into the apricots.  Take out 8 apricots and chop roughly, puree the rest. Pre heat oven to 160 degrees.  Grease and line a loaf tin.  Mix the dry ingredients together in one bowl.  Whisk up the eggs until really fluffy, Leon suggests use of machine, I used elbow grease! Fold dry ingredients into fluffy eggs.  Stir in pureed and chopped apricots.  Por batter into tin. Pop into oven for 40min, turn tin half way through.  Take out when done, leave to cool in tin.  Enjoy at tea time or anytime you fancy.


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