Resolutions and a Recipe…

Farewell sweet friend...

Happy New Year! 

I’ve finally returned to the blog after a spate of seasonal lethargy and Christmas and New Year celebrations.

I’ve eaten very well over the holidays, was treated to a lovely Christmas dinner cooked by my dad and many other fantastic meals, in fact I didn’t do that much cooking at all.  Our Christmas meal was slow roasted duck and pork with all the trimmings, very delicious and all the better for being cooked by someone else.  What did you have on Christmas Day? 

In terms of resolutions, hmm I guess I’ll just have to accept I might break them but here we go:

  • No more Lindt Chocolate Truffles until December 2011 – these have become somewhat of an addictive opiate to me over the holiday season and as the last one in my possession was consumed about 5 minutes ago I will now solemnly promise, well I’ll try, not to buy anymore of these sweet, silky smooth chocolates until Christmas next year.
  • Try to rise above frustrating situations and people and make more of an effort to be cheerful, ha ha, lets see, in other words the dreaded positive thinking pledge, don’t you just love it!
  • Try to blog regularly
  • Find a fool-proof recipe for a chicken or lamb biryani and actually cook it rather than dream about it or attempt to guess the recipe and end up in disaster
  • Curb my new gluten free mince pie addiction, rather like the lindt chocolates after the last one is gone from the box I will really try not to let another package fall into my supermarket basket.

Right I think thats enough for now.  On to a recipe.

I tried my hardest to stay vegetarian for this one as Anna, i haven’t forgotten you!, requested it.  I’m sorry it’s nothing very elaborate or exciting but it was very tasty.

Spinach, Spring Onion and Potato Cakes (served with a poached egg and bernaise sauce)

Serves 2

7/8 Small potatoes or 3/4 big ones

2 Big fistfuls of spinach

A small bunch of spring onions (7/8)


Salt and pepper


Egg and Bernaise sauce to serve.


Boil the potatoes. Whilst pots are boiling, slice spring onions and fry gently in a pan.  Roughly chop spinach.

Mash the potatoes, add spring onion, spinach and a knob of butter and stir.  Put lid on and leave for a minute if spinach isn’t wilting well.  Season and stir together.  Let cool.

Form potato mixture into patties or cakes and fry off in a hot pan with a little oil.  Fry until golden and crispy on each side.

Serve with a soft poached egg and some Bernaise sauce. (I did’t make this, I didn’t have time but it would be super lovely if you did, if not though I thought the jar of sauce by Maille was perfectly acceptable!)


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