Roasted Pork Loin with Fennel and Onions

I’m just going to share a picture of this with you and if you want the recipe you can ask but it’ll give you an idea maybe?

Banana Bread (gf)

I used the recipe on as a basis for this but didn’t have all the ingredients so experimented a little.  My little family and me just shared a slice hot from the oven with some butter on, it was good.  I’m hoping it will still be delicious tomorrow as I am attempting to change my breakfast rut of the moment.  Every so often I get hooked on a breakfast and don’t stop eating it until I am sick of the sight of it.  I went through yoghurt, crunchy nut cornflakes with banana, fruit toast (gf), cheese on toast, flapjacks and my latest far from healthy start to the day a cheese and ham toasted gf muffin. So this is the plan, start having a slice of this of a morn and give myself a break from my croque monsieur obsession.

Kheer – Indian Rice Pudding

I used Madhur Jaffrey’s recipe for this from  I slimmed it down slightly by adding half skimmed milk as well as whole but for a really full on creamy result I think all whole milk does the trick.  I’ve been snacking on this intermittently since I made it yesterday lunchtime but I had it this morning for breakfast (!) with blueberries, which made a delicious  start to my day.

Milk Barfi

I love these Indian sweets and would usually have taken a little stroll up to my local Indian sweet shop Ambala for these but I sometimes worry that they may make them with flour in so I had a little surf on the internet and combined some of the recipes I saw into this really, really simple method that has resulted in a quite delectable dessert.  Also not sure about the spelling here, I see Burfi and Barfi used equally on the t’internet so not sure what is correct.  Please correct me if you think I’ve got it wrong.


200g Milk powder

1 tin of condensed milk

About 150ml of whole milk

3 cardamon pods


Put condensed milk, milk powder, cardamon and milk in a pan.  Heat.  Keep stirring for about 5-10 min until the mixture is thick and starting to leave the sides.  Pick out the cardamon pods (it might be better to use cardamon powder, I didn’thave any).  Pour out on to a cling film covered board. Wrap into a squarish parcel and refrigerate for about 2-3 hours.  Once set and cool cut into squares and decorate with pistachio nuts.  Serve for dessert, or snack on whenever you feel the urge!

Bacon and Egg Salad

I had this for lunch today, it could easily be bulked up for a heartier meal with some garlicy croutons or some crusty bread. 

Serves 1


Big handful of spinach

1 spring onion, chopped up finely

2 rashers of bacon, cut into little bits

1 egg, boiled


1/2 a teaspoon of Dijon Mustard

2 capfuls of olive oil

1 capful of red wine vinegar

1 teaspoon of agave syrup

Salt and pepper


Fry the bacon bits until crispy and drain.  Boil egg.  Mix spinach and spring onion.  Mix up dressing.  Toss salad leaves in dressing.  Top with bacon and egg. Done!

Spiced Chicken Pilaf

I’m not sure if this is a pilaf or a byriani, what I do know is its probably not very authentic either way but it worked and was tasty so that’ll do for now.  This is something I’ve steered clear of in the past as I have never been able to cook rice that well and after a miserable attempt at something like this earlier in the year I nearly gave up.  But, after taking on the sound advice of my father in terms of what ratio of rice to water I needed, I had another go and actually this is pretty easy and has very delicious results ( the secret is 2-1 water to rice).  I’ve also burnt my tongue and three fingers, which is also a good sign, as I literally couldn’t wait to tuck in and kept forgetting the lid of the pan was hot and that the contents that were steaming away were actually lava like in their temperature.  Anyways have a look and have a go, this is going on as a regular in my flat from now on as it was dead easy, even after a long day at work and any left overs are easily transported to work the next day for lunch.

This makes enough for about 4 people…


Half a pint of basmati rice, washed well

1 large onion, chopped

1 large carrot, chopped up into little bits

3 heaped teaspoons of mild curry powder

2 teaspoons of veg boullion

500g of  chicken thighs, skinned, boned and chopped up in to bitesize pieces

1 pint of hot (just boiled water)

A thumb sized piece of ginger, chopped finely

2/3 garlic cloves, chopped finely


Pre heat oven to 200 degrees.  Soften onions and carrots in a pan with oil.  Cook until translucent and soft. Add ginger and garlic.   Add curry powder.  Stir and fry for a min.  Add chicken, stir and fry until lightly sealed.  Add washed rice and stir to coat in oil, onion and chicken mix.  Fry for a min.  Add hot boiled water and bouillon (or stock cube or better still stock!).  Stir.  Put on lid.  Put in oven.  Relax for 15 to 20 min.  Take out. Voila! One pot perfection.  Season if necessary.  I had a little sweet chilli with mine as I’m a bit of a condiment fiend but it’s fine without.  If you wanted to make this into a bigger meal you could make the curry sauce I have listed in previous posts and serve some of that with it, or maybe a veg curry and maybe some onion bhajis to make a full on feast.

P.s. I apologise about the crappy pictures, I only seem to get good ones when I have some natural light and with these dark evenings there’s not alot about.  I promise to try harder…