Quick Mackerel Pate

Snow day today, woo!  Anyway I trudged down to the supermarket in the snow and came back with an omega 3 packed lunch idea to stave of the winter blues.  Loving the snow though, we are off to restructure the snowman we built yesterday later.

This is a nice little lunch or supper idea, very easy and quick to make.  I bought mackerel in tomato sauce because it was the cheapest, i’m sure this would work with mackerel in brine or oil, just make sure you drain it.

Serves 1


1 small tin of mackerel

2 teaspoons of creme fraiche

A squirt of tomato ketchup (about a dessert spoonful)

A splash of worcester sauce

A squeeze of lemon

Some freshly ground black pepper

Toast and butter to serve (gf in my case)


Lift the mackerel fillets out of the tin into a bowl.  Add other ingredients and mix together.

Serve with hot buttered toast.  It’s that simple…

What are you doing with your day? 


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