Gluten Free Finds…

This is probably about the best ready made ,gluten free bread I’ve found.  I’ve tried Genius but I can’t help finding it a bit dry and lets face it, it’s pretty expensive.  However Tesco’s have produced their own brand of gluten free bread and if you get it within a few days before the best before date you can even make a splendid soft sandwich out of it. 

Sainsbury's freefrom mince pies x 4

The other little beauties I found yesterday, and they are almost gone, are Sainsburys Free From Mince Pies.  I’ve never been a great fan of these little christmas pastry parcels but since becoming a Coeliac I have rather missed the opportunity to eat them and when wondering round my local Sainsbury’s I found them and thought hmm, why not?  They are lovely, moist, crumbly and sweet, with an almost caramel stickiness of mincemeat inside.  I had mine heated up with a little ice cream, mmm, let the festivities begin!


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