Persian Sweet Rice

Recipe and proper name to come courtesy of Reshma. Eid Mubarak!

Right the recipe for the Nawabi Persian Sweet Rice! This is one of my favourite recipes because it’s easy to make and you can’t really go wrong with it-even if you are an amateur chef!
There are numerous ways of cooking it and it varies from country to country both in Persia and the Indian sub-continent. This recipe in particular is more Persian than Asian, and I learnt this from my mother whose ancestors originated from Persia.
The reason why this is a ‘royal’ dish is because of the expensive ingredients such as saffron, almonds, kish-mish, pistachio etc and only those who were wealthy (such as the royals) could afford to make such a dish because of the ingredients.
1-2 tbs veg oil-Do not use olive oil!!!
4 green cardamon pods.
2 cinnamon sticks.
3-4 saffron strands. (optional)
A pinch of orange food colour (optional).
2 cups of Tilda Basmati rice, leave to soak in water for a maximum of an hour.
1 cup of granulated sugar.
Dessicated coconut (optional-to taste).
Kish Mish (optional-mixed dried fruits such as cranberries, raisins etc-to taste).
Chopped walnuts (optional-to taste).
Chopped almonds (optional-to taste).
Pistachio (optional-to taste).
1. Boil the rice with 2 cardamon pods, 1 cinammon stick, saffron and food colour until the rice is 3/4 cooked-drain.
2. In a large pan/wok heat the oil and add the remaining 2 cardamon pods and cinnamon stick.
3- Add the drained rice and stir gently on a low flame. The oil should evenly coat the rice.
4-Add the sugar and stir gently so it is evenly distributed.
5-Add the coconut and agin stir gently so it mixes well.
5-Add the kish-mish, almonds, pistachio d walnuts and then turn off the heat.
6- Allow to cool.
Et voila!
This is served either warm or cold.

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