Oatcake Update

I am very sad to write that my gluten free Oatcakes arrived on Friday.  Sad, I’m afraid, because they were so disappointing.  Firstly the package was a padded envelope and inside were my excitedly anticipated oatcakes wrapped loosely in nothing but a plastic sandwich bag! I then opened up the bag and was overcome with a horrible synthetic smell of what I can only describe as some sort of cleaning fluid.  But not to be undone I perservered, perhaps I thought if I grilled and filled one of these little beauties I would change my mind.  So off I went, grill turned on, cheese sliced and then filled into the oatcake.  It came out hot and bubbling and crispy round the edges, so still hoping I took a bite.  Now I’m not a hugely fussy eater and in all honesty I probably would eat alot of crap, and sometimes do! However this was such a vile mouthful I actually had to spit it out.  The packet has been resigned to the bin and I am so dreadfully disappointed.  Perhaps it was wishful thinking hoping that they could create a gluten free version that would taste quite good and perhaps the normal ones are delicious but I’m afraid I won’t find out. 

Anyway in consolation I made some very naughty treats this weekend so see below at the other posts and keep reading.


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