Oatcakes Delivered?!

I had to just put this latest headline worthy news online, Staffordshire Oatcakes can now be delivered to your door wherever you are, and they do gluten free ones!! (much excited me!).  Anyone who went to the same University as me at the same little out back campus in Alsager will remember the wonderful Barry’s Pantry and the amazing hangover curing oatcakes filled with cheese, bacon, sausage, egg etc  We also used to be able to purchase them in the local co-op and I often remember filling them, rather sophisticatedly I might add, with chocolate spread and heating them in the microwave, oh heaven….  Anyway I had thought I would never be able to fill my self with such delicacies again as 1. I am now gluten free 😦 and 2.  I now live in the south of England and haven’t seen these little beauties down here.

The website I found them on was http://www.staffordshireoatcakes.com/.  I have just ordered myself some gluten free ones and shall post my review as soon as they have arrived and I have sampled them, ooh I can not wait!!!

If you have any oatcake tales please write a comment or send me an e-mail islaflood@hotmail.com.


Remember Staffordshire Oatcakes?


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