Crispy Squid

Squid rings, I used frozen from my beloved Wing Yips and defrosted in a bowl of water but I’m sure fresh would be lovely, much easier this way though!
Ground black pepper
Oil for frying

Sweet Chilli sauce to serve.

Mix cornflour, paprika, salt and pepper in a bowl.
Toss squid through until evenly coated.
Heat oil in large frying pan, about a cm deep.
Check temperature by throwing a cube of bread in oil, if it bubbles and begins to golden then it’s ready.
Gently put rings in oil, don’t overload, best to do in batches. Fry for about a min or so until crispy and golden. Be careful not to overcook as they end up like rubber!  Drain on kitchen towel and plate up.
Serve with sweet chilli sauce.


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