Chinese Roast Duck Salad

I went on a little trip to Wing Yips Chinese Supermarket yesterday in search of few little oriental bits and with the desire to purchase some roast duck.  Sometimes the urge just grabs me!  Anyways big up to Wing Yips, I love this place.  I grew up in Birmingham with the luxury of the one in Duddeston which was a short drive away and am very lucky to have a super chef dad who would take me to wonder round the aisles of new and exotic foodstuffs.  I always remember him pointing out the live lobsters in the tanks and looking at all the strange and wonderful products.  As a result my first knife was a clever (super massive knife, great for intimidating silly boys with! B watch out!) from there and I love going round the place whenever I get chance.  The one I go to now is in Croydon off Purley Way.  It has a lovely chinese restaurant in the complex called Tai Tung which always seems to be busy whatever the day or time.  Anyway it is in this restaurant you can buy the most delicious roast duck to take away, just like the bronzed and laquered ones you see hanging in Chinese restaurants and cafes in Soho.  So after my wander round the aisles of Wing Yips I popped in to purchase half a roast duck. 

Chinese Roast Duck Salad


Roast Duck from Tai Tung (or roast a duck breat or two making sure you crisp that skin up)

Baby Spinach

Spring Onions, Sliced into strips or chopped (you choose)

(I didn’t put these in because i was limited by the contents of my fridge but would suggest adding sliced cucumber and some shaved carrots (speed peeler).)

Dressing Ingredients:

A spoonful of plum sauce

A splash of the super rich and delicious gravy given to me by the roast dick chef at Tai Tung.  (a subsitute of soy and a splash of sesame oil would prob do the trick, but please if you ever get the opportunity try this stuff.)

A splash of balamic

The juice from a clementine


Cut the duck into strips and add to bowl.

Add spring onions, and other salad ingredients.

Mix together dressing, i know i’m crap at measurements but live a little and experiment, taste your way and you’ll work it out!

Pour dressing over salad.  Toss.


This is like Duck and Pancakes without the pancakes and really moreish.



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