Steak Tartare (family Flood recipe)

I hadn’t had this for ages, it was always something my dad made for me and my mum. Anyway i was craving it lately and thought i’d have a go. Don’t be put off by the raw steak, it’s really lovely and I think this version is much tastier than some of the recipes i’ve seen in books and on the web.

Steak Tartare (for 1, double triple or quadruple the recipe for more)


1 sirloin steak
1/2 a small onion, finely chopped
Worcester Sauce
Tomato ketchup
Salt and pepper


Finely chop the steak to a small mince, you can use a processor but it’s nice done by hand.
Mix with the finely chopped onion.
Add a generous few splashes/shakes of the worcester sauce (don’t be shy)
Add a big squirt of ketchup.
A sprinkle of salt and a grind of pepper.
Stir together and taste, you might want to add more worcester or ketchup to taste.
Serve with hot buttered toast, spread tartare on toast and devour. In France this often comes with the option of fries, but i like the toast ( for me gluten free but to everyone else a nice white loaf).


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