Leftover Hash

We had a lovely sausage and mash supper earlier in the week, not really worth posting about but the next day the leftovers made a very delicious dinner.

Left over mashed potato and swede
An onion
1 cooked sausage (leftover of couse)
2 rashers of bacon
A cupful of frozen peas

Clearly add anything you’ve got handy this is only a version of the trad bubble and squeak!


Soften onions.
Fry bacon and sausage until slightly crispy.
Add onions and brown a little. Add peas and mash.
Fry, squash, fry, squash, fry.
Keep turning it over with a spatula to ensure it is heated through and crispy bits are encorporated and a nice crust forms.

Serve with your fav condiment, my choice lovely ketchup but whatever keeps you happy! If you want a more substantial feast then poach or fry an egg to top it off.


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