Kabuli Pulau (my way)

Ok so inspired by a lot of my Afghani students’ descriptions of one of their favourite foods, I had a go at making Kabuli Pulau.  I’ve added a bit more spice than they traditionally use and opted for some minced lamb and the addition of some courgettes which I don’t think is very authentic but you got to get your five a day some way so what the heck!


Enough for about 3/4 portions (I made enough for generous dinner, two packed lunches and a toddler portion)

1 grated carrot

1 courgette

About a mug full of brown rice

A clove of garlic, chopped

A knob of ginger, chopped

A handful or two of raisins or sultanas

A good sprinkling of mild curry powder and ground cumin

Minced lamb (small packet)

1 onion, chopped

4/5 spring onions, sliced


Wash and then boil the rice for 25 min.

In a large hot frying pan, fry off the lamb until browned and crispy.

Soften some onions and add to lamb.

Add ginger and garlic.

Add curry powder and cumin.

Stir together.  Let the spices fry for a min.

Add carrot, courgette, spring onions and raisins.

Stir and cook til softened.

Add cooked rice.

Add salt to taste.

Voila, yummy Kabuli Pulau ish!


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